Wednesday, September 07, 2005

500 words no matter what

Can I do it? Can I convert my "sitting in front of the computer time" to productive word count?

I'm going to give it what I can for the month of September. 500 words a day on my novel. No matter what.

My son is due off the bus in an hour and I've piddled away most of my day.

(Well, part of it was in a PT appointment and a big chunk was spent looking for our runaway bunny who I am still hoping is just napping under the deck.)

But now, no more distractions, no excuses.

One hour and 500 words to go. Check back, if you care, and see how I did...

First, though, I do need to "piddle" for real. Which, under no circumstances will I allow to lead to toilet scrubbing or organizing the medicine cabinet...)

1 comment:

Sandra said...

553. Now I can go look for bunny again...