Thursday, July 21, 2005

Review of Forgiving Solomon Long

What happens when a hitman's conscience convinces him to find an alternate use for the razor he picked up with dasterdly intention?

Why would a cold hearted killer running from his own demons (abandonment, guilt, murder and other general brutalities of sin) consider rescuing his next hit instead of murdering her?

What happens when death wrangels him so deeply into a corner that the only way to escape it is to exorcise its power?

These are just a few of the well-crafted questions Chris paints for us with his unique characters.

I liked Forgiving Solomon Long for the change it showed in an unlikely-to-change character. I liked that it ended, hopefully (even if predictably) and that the main characters demonstrated courage.

I wasn't thrilled with the stilted action descriptions. Or the token romantic thread.

But the pop-culture dialogue was entertaining and helped bring levity and real-ness into a story I had a hard time engaging in, initially.

I am glad I read it, even though crime stories are not my thing. Chris Well has an interesting and intriquing way of developing and weaving unlikely characters.

If crime stories are your thing, then Forgiving Solomon Long would be a redeeming use of your free time. Go to Amazon to get a copy for yourself, or check out Chris Well's site to see more for yourself.